Relieve Text Neck By Doing These Easy Exercises!

man with glasses holding neck

How many hours a day do you spend looking down at your smart phone or tablet?

I’ve spent way too many hours doing this very thing!  Who hasn’t?

Chronic neck pain can pop up after just a few hours of being on our devices!

If you experience this, you may suffer from “Text Neck“!

What’s Text Neck?

According to Florida chiropractor Dean L. Fishman, D.C., who coined the phrase and founded a corresponding research institute, “Text Neck is an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury, where you have your head hung forward and down looking at your mobile device for extended periods of time“.

You’d think that doing a normal exercise routine might help, but nope!  

I googled “how to get rid of text neck”, and found some helpful exercises.

Mark will demonstrate in the video below:

Do you suffer from “Text Neck”?  Have you found relief?  Leave a comment below.

I use the stick for my back every single morning, and I also use it on my neck. It provides much needed relief. Here’s where you can get one!

TOPIC: Relieve Text Neck By Doing These Easy Exercises!

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