Useful Products for Seniors and Folks With Memory Issues!

I’m all about modern conveniences and useful products that make life easier and sometimes the older we get, the more we struggle!

Many times, seniors don’t hear or see as well as they used to or maybe they sadly suffer with memory issues.

Here are a few products that could make like easier for the senior in your life.

Click each product in the guide below to see more information or to purchase senior gifts for your loved ones!

Senior Products Easy

Large Clock
This easy to set up clock has large letters with an easy to read display. It displays the day, week, and month!

Photo Phone
This phone is design for people with hearing or memory loss. It has an amplified speakerphone, and one-touch photo memory buttons.

Nostalgia Cards
These nostalgic cards are designed to encourage individuals experiencing memory loss to reminisce about past events in their lives.

Large Puzzles
This puzzle is perfect for those with age related memory issues and contain extra large puzzle pieces with a nostalgic theme

Word Search
This word search game has large and familiar words that run from left to right or top to bottom and contains topics such as plants, fish, farm, and birds.

Match The Dots
This game is for people with memory issues who have played dominoes.  The sound of the tiles hitting the table might trigger memories of the game.

Weighted Blanket
weighted blanket calms anxiety and provides restful sleep, which could help some seniors.

Pill Dispenser
This pill dispenser features a timer and alerts and protects against mistaken or forgotten dosages and eliminates the need for constant refilling.

Bed Alarm Sensor
This bed alarm and pad offer an efficient method to be alerted when your loved one exits their bed. You can simply place the pad under your loved ones back or buttock area underneath the fitted sheet and an alarm will sound when they sit up.

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Which product might make your loved ones life easier?  Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Useful Products for Seniors and Folks With Memory Issues!

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