This Easy To Use Tool May Provide Sciatica Relief!

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The older I get, the more I dislike occasional aches and pains that pop up unexpectedly. It’s so annoying!

One recent morning, I got out of bed and not only felt lower back pain, but it felt like I had a Charlie Horse in my left butt cheek.


Have you ever experienced a Charlie horse?

It’s like a knot that’s stuck, and it HURTS!! Not fun!

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get comfortable.

I had pain down the back of my leg too, which resembled sciatica.

I’ve had Sciatica before, but this time nothing was tingling and there was no numbness.

After a few Physical Therapy sessions and further detective work by my PT, she concluded that it didn’t sound like Sciatica, it sounded more like Pirifomis syndrome.

What is Piriformis syndrome?

Spine Health describes Piriformis syndrome as “a condition in which the Piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, spasms and causes buttock pain. The piriformis muscle can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot (similar to sciatic pain).

My Physical Therapist recommended a product called “the Stick”, which is a massage roller that resembles a rolling pin, but thinner.

Hola Bird Sports says that “The Stick® rolls knots out of muscles providing myofascial release and trigger point therapy for immediate temporary pain relief. This therapeutic procedure inactivates trigger points (muscle knots/kinks), warms muscles, increases circulation and encourages nutrient rich blood flow. It relieves pain, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.”

Check out the video below:

The stick helps with:

    • Preventing muscle injuries
    • Improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • Preparing muscles for physical activity
    • Dispersing the effects of lactic acid following activity
    • Accelerating muscle recovery

Per the PT’s recommendation, I purchased the Stick on Amazon.

A few days later, it arrived on my doorstep, right before my next PT appointment.

I showed up with the Stick at PT for “show and tell” and learned how to use it

The next day I tried it at home, and experienced immediate relief.

It’s now included as part of my daily morning routine.

This is now one of my new favorite fitness essentials in my home gym arsenal.

I wish I would’ve discovered the Stick when I had serious Sciatica issues years before, it would’ve made a difference.

Now I know!

There are a couple sizes to choose from.

I chose the travel stick, which takes up little space and I can take it in the car, suitcase, briefcase, purse, or even an overnight bag.

I’m sharing what has worked for me, but all bodies are different.

Remember to always check with your doctor or physical therapist before purchasing or using this product.

Here’s where you can purchase yours.

Do you have Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome?  What’s provided relief for you?  Please share!

TOPIC: This Easy To Use Tool May Provide Sciatica Relief!

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  1. Very informative. So glad you took the time to do this. We really enjoyed the video and post. The stick is so helpful too. Great post.

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