Here’s a Two Ingredient Pre-Workout Snack That’s Easy To Make!

bunch of bananas

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that I’m pretty obsessed with nut butters.

Nuttzo is a delicious organic 7 Nut and Seed Butter and a favorite of mine.

My other favorite is Artisana Cashew Butter as it contains 100% organic cashews. 

I eat it right out of the jar!

I discovered this simple snack that sustains me through a two hour workout and it’s so good, it’s like eating dessert!

Check out the video to see how to make this delicious pre-workout snack!

If you exercise regularly, you probably like to eat simple snacks that sustain you.

This easy snack will melt in your mouth and satisfy your taste buds!

The taste combination is out of this world.

So tasty and delicious!

Such an easy recipe to make!

Check it out!

Banana Almond Butter Pre-Workout Snack

Assembly Time:

About 5 Minutes


  • 3 Bananas
  • 6 Heaping Tbsp Almond Butter
  • 6 snack bowls with covers


  1. Peal 3 bananas
  2. Cut them in half
  3. Add 1/2 a banana to each snack bowl
  4. Add 1 Heaping Tbsp of Almond butter to each snack bowl (you can mix when ready to eat)
  5. Cover and refrigerate
  6. Eat and Enjoy!

You can download and print the PDF here Banana Almond Butter

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I love these little snack bowls, because they are perfect for this banana almond butter mixture.

I also use them for little snacks to take on the road or to put leftover sauce into.

I get mine here:

TOPIC: Here’s a Two Ingredient Pre-Workout Snack That’s Easy To Make!