Can Sitting Too Long Be Harmful To Your Health?

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You may have read or heard the news about how sitting in your chair for long hours is bad for your health, and can cause disabilities when you become older.

If you sit in a desk chair for hours on end, you may have something known as “sitting disease”.

What’s sitting disease?

Sitting disease is when you sit too much and according to sitting is the new smoking. An inactive lifestyle is shown to shorten your lifespan, cause hormonal changes, and increase inflammation”.

Sitting dormant for hours on end, combined with a lack of exercise has been proven to cause type-II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers”.

Prolonged sitting can also be linked to:

Some folks who work many hours are glued to their desks. For every hour of sitting, you’ll need to get up for 10 minutes. Here are ways to do so:

  • Drink lots of water which will force you to get up often
  • Set an alarm on your phone
  • Set a reminder on your calendar
  • Stand while talking on the phone or during a conference call
  • Stand during meetings

If there’s no way to step away from your desk, you might want to invest in a Varidesk and stand while you work.

The Varidesk allows you to sit or stand and still be in an ergonomic position. It’s easy to control too!

If you travel long distances, get out of the car and stretch as often as you can and again, drink lots of water. Same goes for flying, get up hourly and walk around the plane.

The guy in the video below really took “not sitting” to extremes! He didn’t sit for a month!

Check it out, maybe you’ll find some inspiration!

Can you imagine the steps he could accumulate with a Fitbit?

The moral of this story is that it’s best for your health to engage in movement many times throughout the day!  Keep moving!

Do you move around every hour?  

Please leave a comment.

Speaking of using a Fitbit, here’s where you can get yours!

Here’s a link for the Varidesk too!

Topic: Can Sitting Too Long Be Harmful To Your Health?

2 thoughts on “Can Sitting Too Long Be Harmful To Your Health?

  1. This applies to me and my guilty pleasure of watching way too much TV. I will definitely start incorporating the 10 minutes per hour of standing or moving.

    1. That’s a great idea Casey. Do you think you’ll use a timer? Sometimes I’m guilty of that too. Drink a ton of water while you are watching TV, that will MAKE you get up! 🙂

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