Tips To Improve Metabolic Health!

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What is Metabolic Health?

Metabolic Health is how our cells function, not only burning calories, but how we process sugar, fats and inflammation.

It seems that only 12% of Americans fill the “good health bill”.

The reason we are failing is due to being overweight and inactivity!

In the video below, Jennifer Ashton, MD discusses blood glucose, triglycerides, HDL, blood pressure, and waist circumference and what we can do to improve metabolic health.

Here’s are the optimal ranges and what our numbers should look like.

Blood Glucose < 100

Triglycerides < 150

HDL for Men > 40
HDL for Women > 50

Blood Pressure < 130 / 80

Waist Circumference for Men < 40 Inches
Waist Circumference for Women < 35 Inches

Here are the suggested two ways to improve Metabolic Health:

  1. Know your numbers on your blood panel and work toward optimal levels.
  2. Increase your activity and keep your body moving

Are you taking the path to optimal health? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Tips To Improve Metabolic Health!

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