Life Coaching

Coaching helps clients create an awareness & discover the root cause of their issues (their thoughts) so they can improve those thoughts, which creates a better and more powerful solution.

A Life Coach Inspires Clients to:

  • Manage thoughts on anxiety, worry, stress, and judgement, so clients can focus on more productive and creative ideas, which creates a more peaceful existence.
  • Create meaningful, long lasting friendships so clients can feel less lonely & more connected, so they can experience desired deep emotions they’ve been longing for like care, validation, & love.
  • Practice self-care so clients can improve their mental, physical, and emotional health, which means they will feel healthier and live longer.
  • Say no to others without guilt so clients can build self-worth, which means they’re allowed to finally be themselves.
  • Learn how to manage time with no distractions so clients can get more done and achieve a sense of accomplishment!
  • Remove unnecessary items from busy calendars so clients can create order, which creates freedom to focus on other things.
  • Stop controlling behavior, and not basing emotional well-being on what others do or don’t do.

One-on-One Coaching!

I specialize in productivity coaching, so if you have a calendar that’s out of control or have very little structure in your day, I can help!

Free Mini Session!

Before entering into a coaching relationship it is important for you and your life coach to have a conversation about your thoughts and goals during a free mini session.

Paid Life Coaching Sessions!

I offer single life coaching sessions or an eight session package.

Virtual (video or audio) sessions are 50 minutes long and available via Zoom.

Included in the package are support emails, and homework.


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