Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Create Balance? Try This!

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One day while sick in bed, I attended a phone seminar on “Laughter Meditation“. describes laughter meditation as an “effective and easy way to create balance and says there are 5 Healing benefits which include presence, lightness, connection, stress reduction, and emotional release”

Other benefits include better oxygen intake, improved blood vessel function, and lower blood pressure.

This helps protect your heart, boosts energy, dissolves stress and allows you to gain focus.

Once dialed into the seminar, the person conducting the seminar describes what will take place.

When she gives you the go, you are supposed to “start laughing”, even if it’s fake.

The whole idea sounded ridiculous and I was convinced I wouldn’t laugh.

After a couple of minutes I experienced people laughing from all over the Country and after 30 seconds, I couldn’t help but laugh myself!

After about 5 minutes of laughing, a chime rang which meant to stop laughing, become silent, and meditate for a couple of minutes. 

The speaker, Pragito Dove, wrote a book called Laughter, Tears, Silence. 

It’s a good read and highly recommended.

There is more detail about how to include laughter into your daily life. 

Laughter Yoga and Laughter Meditation classes are starting to become very popular and classes are popping up all over the Country

Have you taken a Laughter Meditation/Yoga class?  What did you think?  Share a comment below.

Check out Laughter, Tears and Silence below!

TOPIC: Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Create Balance? Try This!

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