Calm Digestion And Reduce Gas With Kombu!


Have you heard of Kombu?

Like most people, you are probably thinking “what’s Kombu“?

Kombu (pronounced KOM-boo) is an edible sea vegetable and can be used to calm digestion and prevent gas while eating fibrous foods.

I use Kombu in soups that include beans, lentils or lots of cruciferous vegetables as it improves digestion and reduces gas.

It really works, no tummy aches for me!!

Just crumble it in.

Check out my “Anti-Inflammatory Pumpkin Lentil Soup” recipe using Kombu.

It’s delicious and you really can’t taste the Kombu.

In my opinion, Kombu sticks look like beef jerky and I buy mine on Amazon, but you can also find in your local health food store.

Check out the short “Kombu” video below:

As an added bonus, Kombu may improve thyroid function as it’s full of iodine, and according to the iron content in Kombu helps prevent both iron deficiency and anemic symptoms.

Here’s where I ordered mine!

Have you tried Kombu? Please comment.

TOPIC: Calm Digestion And Prevent Gas With Kombu!

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