Kim’s Story

Why I became a coach…

Remember the days of visiting restaurants, eating delicious food, enjoying excellent conversation, exchanging happy thoughts, and laughing with friends?

Now, imagine a fun night out and waking up the next morning with a fever and wheezing, followed by ultimately inexplicable stomach issues lasting for months.

My friends, a couple of years ago, this was my story.

During those months, worry, hopelessness, anxiety and despair overwhelmed this historically happy, healthy, positive, active, socially engaged human.

Searching for Medical Answers Proved Fruitless!

Tears, dietary changes, lab tests, appointments across medical modalities and specialties culminated in this guidance: ‘get out of your head?’

What did that even mean?

I consumed all I could in relation to brain health, meditated, and listened to health podcasts.

One of the podcasts had a life coach who said it was possible to change our current thoughts to better thoughts.

Feeling intrigued, and desperately wanting to feel better, I hired her to be my life coach!

Learning about self-awareness, helped me conclude that my thoughts could be the reason my sickness was holding on.

After several powerful sessions and choosing thoughts I wanted to keep, my worry disappeared, I healed and returned to normal life, and other areas of my life improved!

I Took the Next Step!

I took the next step, and enrolled in a self-coaching program.

Two of the most valuable lessons I learned were that when we people please, or attempt to control others, It causes suffering and we sacrifice our own self-care.

After successfully learning these powerful lessons:

  • I people please less now, and practice only saying “yes” to things that I genuinely want to do.
  • I no longer spend time attempting to control others because it’s not only impossible, it’s exhausting too. 

Applying these valuable lessons to my own life, lead me to becoming a certified life coach. Now I can inspire my own clients to practice their own self-care!

As the saying goes “Life Happens For You, Not To You. Find the Gift“.

My own suffering was the gift that lead me to helping others, and I can help you!

Get to know me…

Kim’s goal in life is to share her healthy lifestyle approach to wellness, and inspiring others who are struggling and ready to make a positive change.

Longevity and maintaining a daily healthy lifestyle are important to Kim.

She enjoys nutrient-rich vegetarian foods, keeps her home decluttered, and has an active social life.

Kim strongly believes in a preventive approach to wellness (integrative medicine) as opposed to traditional medicine, which treats disease.

Known as a “get it done” girl, Kim likes a challenge and strives for a sense of accomplishment.

She’s a productive and resourceful problem solver, and an expert on creating healthy lifestyle habits and routines.

Kim has a positive attitude and tries to find the humor, as well as the gift, in everything.

She’s passionate about coaching, blogging and writing, and enjoys spending time with family, friends and animals.

If you feel stuck, you’ve come to the right place.

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