How To Reconnect At Home: Island Time!

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How’s the communication in your home?

Have smart phones and tablets taken over your life?

Mark and I met at a health club in 1994.

Whether I was on the spinning bike or stretching, Mark always took time to greet me and ask how I was.

We developed a great friendship and eventually dated and got married.

It was the perfect place to meet as we both were doing something we loved, exercising!

Back then, there weren’t digital devices and blue-tooth technology.

People went to the gym to exercise, and socialize in between sets.

They communicated and weren’t permanently glued to headphones attached to smart phones.

Nowadays at home and at the gym, we all have smart phones so we can listen to music, receive texts and emails and let’s not forget the “Look at me, I’m working out” selfies, posted on in Social Media!

We just can’t help ourselves!

Mark once commented “It’s a good thing we didn’t have smart phones back thenI never would’ve met you” which was probably spot on.

Unfortunately, after being married for many years, even we were guilty of being attached to our digital devices and lost some of our face to face communication.

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We came up with a solution that helped us connect again, “Island Time”.

Island Time is where we dedicate at least 15 minutes per night “talking” to each other!

Imagine that!

We set a 15 minute timer, and turn off all devices including the TV, and converse about our day, things that concern us, vacation plans, or whatever we think is important that evening.

Island time got its name from sitting at our kitchen island and also from our favorite Island to visit and reconnect, Hawaii!

What about you? Would you practice island time in your home? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: How To Reconnect At Home: Island Time!

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