An Instant Pot Can Save You Time, Especially Cooking Beans!

Assortment Of Raw Beans On White Background

During one lazy Seahawks Sunday afternoon, my friend Angela was over crafting bottles with me.

Soon after crafting, we were on the couch watching the rest of the game and discussing recipes.

Angela excitedly told me about an appliance called the “10 in 1 Instant Pot”.

She proceeded to explain this handy gadget to me as if it were an informercial.

This girl did her research and recited “it’s a pressure cooker, crockpot, rice cooker, steamer, egg cooker, cake maker and it sautées too”.

She ordered the Instant Pot from Amazon.

I was intrigued!

Once it arrived, she started using it daily and told me how much she loved it.

I waited until it went on sale and bought one too.

lady eating bowl of soup outsideMine is the 9 in 1.

It’s such a time saver to cook in advance, and the Instant Pot is a great solution if you don’t have time to cook.

The Instant Pot cooks dry beans in less than 30 minutes.

Here’s one of my favorite soup recipes that’s easy to make and delicious!

Have you purchased an Instant Pot yet?  If so, what’s your favorite recipe?  Please share!

If you don’t own one yet, here’s where you can get your very own instant pot.

TOPIC: An Instant Pot Can Save You Time, Especially Cooking Beans!


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