How To Use Your Imagination For Creativity Instead of Anxiety!

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Deepak Chapra says “The best use of imagination is creativity, the worst use of imagination is anxiety”.

Isn’t that the truth?

If you’re in a place of creativity, you think about all the possibilities, and the next thing you will construct.

Thinking about creating something is more exciting than thinking about future unpleasant circumstances.

People use their wild imaginations to create terrible stories in their heads, and envision the worst case scenario in all situations.

This is what causes anxiety!

What if there was a way to use that same imagination for creativity?

Did you know that you can train your brain on what to focus on?

Yes, you can actually train it to think better thoughts, by asking your brain good questions:

  • How can I be creative today?
  • What do I like to do?
  • What can I learn today?

Creativity stimulates us to be more mindfully in tune with our overall lives. It also calms our nervous system, decreases anxiety, and helps restore balance” according to

Being creative may even help you sleep!

For instance, here’s a creativity trick I learned from my therapist who treated me when my Mom was dying.

She said that if you have trouble sleeping at night, or feel anxious, try to think of a fun project that you’d like to work on, or a vacation you’d like to go on, and plan and create the entire thing in your head.

It really works!

To sum it up, thinking creatively keeps you excited and in the moment, and all it takes it takes is a little practice!

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Are you a creative thinker?

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TOPIC: How To Use Your Imagination For Creativity Instead of Anxiety!

2 thoughts on “How To Use Your Imagination For Creativity Instead of Anxiety!

  1. I love how your articles not only give me great ideas, but also make me laugh. I love the ANT thing. Keeping a schedule is so important for those of us prone to anxiety and funnily enough, we are also the people who can’t SLEEP! I love how you tied it all together here. I have gotten some great ideas not only for me, but for my clients who are struggling right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Awwww…thanks Stacy! Glad I could help give you some ideas! I wish people weren’t struggling so much and hoping some of these ideas provide comfort during these tough times! Stay safe!!

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