10 Things To Request In Hotels If You Suffer From Allergies!

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Traveling can be fun, but some folks have allergies and are sensitive to toxins.

Sometimes it makes travel challenging, especially when dealing with hotels that use scented cleaners.

Toxic cleaners and perfume can cause allergies, headaches and sometimes causes nausea.

Unfortunately, hotels are tough to allergy proof, unless you live there!

Most hotels use scented cleaners in the bathroom, and on the carpet, furniture, and windows.

The washed linens can contain fragrances as well.

If you suffer from allergies and sensitivities, here are some things to request next time you book a hotel room.

  1. Request unscented cleaners and no air-fresheners (definitely NO Febreeze!)
  2. A window that opens so fresh air can come in
  3. Air Conditioner (hopefully it’s not a loud blower)
  4. Location not located near the pool (due to chlorine smell)
  5. Ask if room can be aired out two hours prior to arrival to remove scents and stuffiness
  6. Ceiling Fan is preferable
  7. No outside gas fumes from fireplaces
  8. Floor or ceiling fan (you may also want to bring your own)
  9. Ionizer (you may want to bring your own)
  10. If you are staying a while, you may want to bring a small bottle of your own cleaners.

Additional items you can request to make your stay more comfortable:

  • Restaurant onsite or walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants
  • Free parking
  • Quiet area not near loud traffic
  • Flat Screen TV
  • A coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator

Many hotels can’t accommodate everything, but why not try?

Part of a healthy living plan is controlling allergies even when booking hotels.

If you suffer from allergies, make sure you call the hotel with your needs.

It’s important because It’s your home away from home and you need to be comfortable.

Do you suffer with allergies on vacation? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 10 Things To Request In Hotels If You Suffer From Allergies!


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