Suffering From Hot Flashes? Cool Down with These Products!

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Ok, this one is for the ladies! The “hot” ladies who are not enjoying menopause.

Let’s face it, many women in their 40s and 50s go through hormonal changes and suffer tremendously with hot flashes.

We need relief because we can’t live with our heads in the freezer day after day, can we?

This is why I wanted to tell you about some helpful products I discovered and put them into a gift guide below!!

My favorite is the necklace fan!

Click on each product for more information!

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Temperature Controlled Sheets

How about temperature controlled sheets? We own some of these and will report back as soon as we try them. I must say, they are a gorgeous color.

Hot Flash Pillow

The hot flash pillow relieves hot flashes & night sweats, soothes migraine, natural sleep aid, stress reliever, comfortably ices sprains & strains, neck, back & arthritis pain, calms Rosacea. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? You can even take it on vacation, because hot flashes don’t stop even when we travel, right ladies?

Necklace and Scarf

The Fashionista in you will enjoy this necklace and scarf especially if it cools you down. I have not tried them yet, but they sound delightful..and cool. It lasts for around two hours even after you take it out of the freezer!The necklace weighs more than a regular necklace, so you may not want to wear it for long!

Necklace Fan

This necklace fan comes in many colors and provides needed relief! I own two of them (blue and pink and use one at a time…so far) and take them everywhere…most recently a movie theatre and to a neighbor’s house on Thanksgiving. I love showing off my fan. At first people laugh, then they try it and love it!

Cool Nights Sleep Shirts

Cool Nights, night shirts from Soma. They are soft and comfy and the fabric keeps you cool and dry. It retains its shape, even after washing. I wear one of the many Cool Night night shirts every single night!!

Cooling Towel

All you have to do is wet it, shake it and enjoy a cool towel. It always keeps you up to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature around you and it’s like having your own personal air conditioner.

Ice Bandana

Freeze the ice bandana and use with no drippy mess! The terry cloth inner feels soft on skin and allows cooling through to your neck and easy ties allow for tight or loose tying around neck or even wrist or arms!

Cool Pad

The cool pad is ideal for sleeping, post-exercise, soothing sore muscles and achy joints as well as sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Secret Scarves

The secret scarf has a small cooling insert that is hidden inside your own fashionable scarf and rests secretly on the back of your neck to help cool you down quickly.

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lady wiping her head with towelIf all else fails, you could do what I do at bedtime and turn on the A/C, open the window and turn on the ceiling fan. 

My hubby wears long johns to bed, poor guy!

In addition to cooling devices, a healthy diet seems to help a lot!

How about a hand held fan?
Watch the silly video below!

Do YOU suffer from hot flashes? Please leave a comment.

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