9 Useful Tips To Stay Healthy On Vacation!

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How much do you eat and drink on vacation? 

Many folks decide it’s a “free-for-all”, so they consume large amounts of calories! 

After the vacation is over you are left tired and needing another vacation, and should we mention the scale?  NOT!

Sound familiar?

Did you know that there are ways to eat and drink a little healthier while on vacation?

Like finding the perfect vacation spot, being healthy takes a bit of planning!

Here are 9 ways to stay healthy on vacation:

1. Exercise EVERY day – Be active, go bike riding, play tennis or walk!!  Be active, don’t become a couch potato!

2. Bring exercise equipment with you –  Want to sneak in a quick workout? Carry resistance tubes and bands in your luggage because they are lightweight and convenient! Check out “Fitness Essentials For Your Home Gym That’ll Motivate You To Exercise Every Day!“.

3. Assemble snacks ahead of time – Don’t give in to mindless eating. Carry snacks in an ice chest such as sliced fruit, veggies and hummus, or a salad.  See “Best Anti Inflammatory Foods To Bring On a Road Trip!“.

4. Request a Microwave and Refrigerator – It’s helpful to have a microwave and small refrigerator if you are staying in a condo, house or hotel. You can fill it up with delicious healthy meals and snacks.

5. View menus ahead of time – If heading to a restaurant, check out the menu in advance and make a selection before arriving at the restaurant!

6. Eat BEFORE you go out – If I don’t think the restaurant offers healthy choices, eat dinner beforehand so there’s no temptation, then maybe get an appetizer or dinner salad at the restaurant. You can still enjoy the company of others!

7. Don’t drink alcohol – Yes, it’s possible!  See what other options are available.

8. Drink Water – Drink lots of water throughout the day, as it will flush out your system and give you energy. Check out “5 Reasons To Drink Water and Why It’s Good For Your Health!“.

9. Plan other activities – Go to a movie, visit a museum, take a site seeing tour, visit a waterfall.  You get the idea…go do something active and fun!  Don’t forget to shoot a ton of pictures!

Just because you are being healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!  

Imagine yourself coming home from vacation and feeling fabulous!

If you have some vacation fitness tips, please send a comment.

Topic: 9 Useful Tips To Stay Healthy On Vacation!

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