Necessary Questions To Ask Before You Join A Health Club!

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I’ve been a member of at least 10 health clubs in my lifetime, in fact I worked at one!

Boy was I in my element being surrounded by all that wonderful equipment!

I was lucky enough to meet my hubby at a health club too!

We are both life-long exercise enthusiasts!

Health Clubs hold a special place in my heart!

We are fortunate now to own a home gym, although he still works out at a health club.

Like millions of other people, your New Years resolution might be to lose weight or join a health club.

If you are thinking about joining a health club, there are several questions you might consider asking.

I’ve compiled some of the questions that we’ve asked throughout the years.

It’s important to ask questions “before” joining so there are no surprises down the line.

Health Club Questions!

Feel free to download and print the “health club questions” list and take along with you before joining.

What questions would you ask before joining a health club? 

Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Necessary Questions To Ask Before You Join A Health Club!

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