How To Respond To Expectations!

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Have you ever noticed that people have a tendency to make requests, and have expectations about things we should do?

The well-meaning individual making the request might be a friend, family member, or maybe even your spouse.

Many times we cave in to such requests for fear of hurt feelings.

We don’t say no, because we are worried what people will think of us!

I spoke to someone about this situation and she suggested this gracious response:

“I Love You, But No”.

No need to explain yourself, just say 5 simple words.

So easy, right?

Just because people have expectations of us, doesn’t mean we need to honor their requests.

They can still love you even if you don’t meet their expectations, or maybe not.

It’s their choice!

No matter what they think, you get to honor yourself and do what makes you happy!

Just remember it works both ways!

We have expectations and are allowed to make requests, but others may not honor our requests.

Not expecting things from others is the first step to preventing people from dictating how you live. Life is a two-way street—when you realize that no one owes you anything, you stop expecting people to owe you anything either” explains Psychology Today.

For example, I can ask my husband to take out the trash, and he may do it or he may not.

If he does take out the trash, I’ll love him.

If he doesn’t take out the trash, I’ll still love him.

When my expectations are not met, I can choose to make it mean something negative like: 

  • He doesn’t love me
  • He doesn’t respect me
  • He’s mad at me.

Or I can choose to make it mean nothing…because maybe, just maybe, he simply forgot or he doesn’t want to!

I can love him anyway!

If he doesn’t take out the trash, there’s always another optionI can do it myself! 

How do you respond to expectations and what expectations do you have of others?

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TOPIC: How To Respond To Expectations!

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