Is There A Solution For Dry Eye? Do Any Remedies Really Work?

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Friends of mine had debilitating cases of dry eye, one suffered after cataract surgery.

Both had very little relief.

So, what causes dry eye?

In addition to an imbalance in the tear-flow system of the eye, dry eyes can be caused by situations that dry out the tear film” according to WebMD. “This can be due to dry air from air conditioning, heat, or other environmental conditions”.

Other conditions that may cause dry eyes are:

* The natural aging process, especially menopause
* Side effects of certain drugs such as antihistamines and birth control pills
* Diseases that affect the ability to make tears, such as Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and collagen vascular diseases
* Structural problems with the eyelids that don’t allow them to close properly”

These are the remedies that friends have tried, that gave little or no relief, but perhaps they could work for you!

  • Acupuncture
  • Humidifier
  • Lipiflow (expensive laser treatment)
  • About a dozen different eye drops or gels, some prescribed, some over the counter
  • Gel Mask heated in microwave
  • Hot washrag compresses
  • Fish Oil capsules
  • Flax Seed capsules
  • Vision support multivitamins
  • Chinese tea pills
  • Chinese herbal powder specifically formulated for dry eyes
  • Diluted Manuka honey rubbed on eyelids
  • Castor oil on eyelids
  • Coconut oil on eyelids
  • Restasis eye drops
  • Blinking exercises
  • Gogi berries
  • Cold tea bags
  • Cucumber slices
  • Chrysanthemum tea
  • Meditation
  • Johnson’s Baby shampoo
  • Eyelid scrub pads
  • Facial sauna/steamer

One remedy that provided more relief than the others were “Onion Goggles“, because they provide moisture to the eyes as long as they were kept on.

The issue with that is, when removed, it’s back to square one.

Unless you are at some kind of groovy Halloween party, you probably wouldn’t want to wear these in public.

A more expensive version of onion goggles are called “moisture retaining glasses“.

Moisture retaining glasses ARE more expensive than onion goggles, but do the same thing.

Many of these glasses are worn by people who do other activities, such as mountain biking, motorcycling, etc. The glasses keep wind, dust, and debris out the eyes.

Below is a new, light therapy treatment that looked interesting. Has anyone tried this and did you have good results?

If you suffer from dry eye and have tried everything, please contact your healthcare provider or your eye doctor to see if they can help!

If you’ve had dry eye and know of a permanent solution, please leave a comment!

Here’s where you can get your very own onion goggles!

TOPIC: Is There A Solution For Dry Eye? Do Any Remedies Really Work?

3 thoughts on “Is There A Solution For Dry Eye? Do Any Remedies Really Work?

  1. Kim, wow, I haven’t tried all these things but none of the things I have tried have worked. My problem is blocked meibomian glands, which are present on the tops and bottoms of eyelids. It’s pretty common, especially among computer users. The majority of sufferers are in fact people who look at a computer screen all day. Also, the onion goggles don’t add moisture, they just keep the moisture in the eye in and keep out all else.

    1. Hi Anne Marie, thanks for the clarification on the Onion Goggles! I hope one day you find a permanent solution that works for you!! Kim

  2. Thanks Kim. The IPL treatments look promising, but they are not foolproof yet and I imagine are still costly and not covered by insurance.

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