Finally! A Delicious Organic Cashew Butter That You’ll Want To Eat With A Spoon!

Jar of Organic Cashew Butter with Spoon

So Mark and I were dragging ourselves through our crowded Costco one day and arrived in the nut butter section, which is usually MY favorite isle in ANY store.

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We usually buy the organic peanut butter, but as we were walking down the aisle, we stumbled upon a scrumptious jar of Artisana cashew butter sitting on the shelf.

I picked it up to look at the ingredients and noticed it contained 100% organic cashews!

It sounded pretty healthy, so into the basket it went.

Once I got home, I couldn’t wait to try some of our brand new find.

I darted toward the silverware drawer, grabbed my favorite soup spoon and ripped the plastic off the jar as fast as I could.

As I opened the jar, I salivated!

I couldn’t get it into my mouth fast enough. I savored every bit of it and it was delicious!

If your taste buds haven’t experienced this fabulous cashew butter yet, they are in for a real treat!

This is probably comparable to your favorite ice cream.

You’ll stay up late at night thinking about when you will get your next fix.

As you may know, cashews are extremely healthy.

They are rich in iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and zinc.

In addition, cashews are heart healthy, prevent gallstones and good for your nerves.

Here are more benefits:

cashew benefits graphic

Warning: You may consume too many calories if you eat the entire jar in one sitting.

Try to control yourself and take it slowly and enjoy every single scrumptious bite.

Sadly, it’s no longer offered at Costco, but you can order it here.

TOPIC: Finally! A Delicious Organic Cashew Butter That You’ll Want To Eat With A Spoon!

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