Naturally Heal Lower Back Pain!

What Now? My Journey of Trial and Error while Healing Back Pain Naturally is book 2 of the Healthy Living Series!

For a couple of years I dealt with debilitating back and hip pain, visiting an endless list of doctors and specialists with no relief.

I was miserable but determined to find a solution naturally without surgery or drugs.

It felt like it would never end, but after listening to my body, adjusting my routines, and having the patience to find the right physical therapist for me, I am now pain free.

Being free of hip and back pain allowed me to finally:

  • Shop for clothes / groceries without the need to sit after 5 minutes
  • Get out of bed without moaning and groaning
  • Take enjoyable long walks with the dogs
  • Enjoy cooking meals again without leaning on the kitchen counter for relief

Maybe the information presented in this book, can help you too!!  Take a journey through my trial and error, and eventually a normal life!

Customer Reviews!

“Terrific personal story. Unique. Engaging. Kept me reading to the end. I loved Kim’s writing style. Open. Honest. Approachable.

Her good mix of humor, ethos and self-deprecation flavored the valuable how-to content. So many good lists to digest and take to heart.

For those of us with chronic back issues, Kim drove home an important universal message that there is help out there if you don’t give up!”

“Thanks for the reminder to never give up or give in to the pain that doctors claim isn’t there.

Took me over 20 years of pain and a major surgery to learn the importance of a strong core. Thanks for sharing your journey.”

“Thank you for sharing your story! My journey with pain is different than than the author’s, but this was an excellent reminder to stay positive and never give up.

One size does not fit all where healing is concerned. Great inspiration to keep searching for a path that works for you!”

About The Author

Kim Gonzales, originally a California girl, now calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home with her husband, two dogs and two cats.

She “gets it done” with a positive attitude, always finding humor in everything!

Kim believes in a preventive approach to wellness through integrative medicine rather than traditional medicine, putting the person before an illness or disease.

A passionate writer, her goal is to share her healthy living practices to inspire others who may be struggling with positive change.

She strives to solve problems and create practical solutions that support health, and save time, money, and frustration.

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