Why It’s Important to Be Persistent!

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Have you read “Money: Master the game“?

The book is about securing financial freedom and it’s great!

Tony Robbins asked some thought-provoking questions, which made me think.

“What’s in your life today that was once a dream?”

“What was a desire you had in the past that at the time seemed difficult or impossible to achieve, but now it’s in your life today?”


My health came to mind.

After suffering for a couple years with back and hip injuries, I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to walk normally or stand for more than 5 minutes.

Would I ever be able to walk my dogs again?

Would I ever be able to go out with my friends again without having to sit down every couple of minutes?

Would I be able to exercise normally again?

What kept me going?


I hoped that if I visited enough health care providers, someone would have an answer and fix me!

Someone finally did lead me to a path of full healing, my physical therapist!

After a ton of hard physical therapy at the PT office and at home, I’m now able to walk, stand and exercise like I used to!

I even wrote a book about my experience.

My lesson from that experience is that back health is important and back strengthening and core exercises should be included in your health & fitness routine!

I firmly believe, more times than not, that good things happen to people who are persistent, have goals, and are willing to put in the hard work!

What’s in your life today that was once a dream?  Please leave a comment!

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TOPIC: Why It’s Important to Be Persistent!

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