10 Tips To Allergy Proof Your Home!

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Creating an allergy plan is something that takes creativity and planning…but when you figure out how to manage your allergies, it can be a huge relief to know that you CAN live comfortably.

You don’t have to feel limited.

Learning these strategies and tips has been part of my life for years now…and I’m always learning new techniques, new products and other insights that I want to share with others suffering with allergies.

When Spring rolls around, those suffering from allergies find it’s a struggle getting through the day.

There are things that can help decrease allergy symptoms, like allergy proofing your home.

It’s very important to allergy proof your whole home, from the basement, to the closets to the bedroom, which means keeping your home as clean as you can.

In the book “How To Reduce Your Allergies: Decrease Symptoms by Allergy-Proofing Your Life!” there are plenty of helpful tips and tools for handling allergy season.

Here are 10 of those tips to allergy proof your home:

  1. Keep windows closed during pollen season and fires
  2. Replace carpet with hardwood floors, carpets are very dirty and hold dust
  3. Change home air filters frequently
  4. Dust frequently
  5. Remove toxic cleaners, perfumes, candles and anything scented
  6. Keep your window sills dusted
  7. Keep your lamp shades dusted
  8. Get rid of books as these are huge dust collectors
  9. Vacuum couches, chairs and floors regularly
  10. Keep your wood furniture dusted

Remember, if you do not have an allergist and think you have allergies or asthma, please speak to your doctor!

Here is a scent free product list that you can download and print.

You can use these products in your home and keep available for guests when they visit.

Click https://energyfitgirl.com/sense-of-smell/ to read more about oversensitive sense of smell and toxins.

If you would like to see even more tips and tools for handing allergies, here’s where you can get a copy of my book.

What tips do you have for allergy proofing your home? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 10 Tips For Allergy Proofing Your Home!

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