Calling All Writers: Why To Join An Online Writing Sprint!

Calling All Writers: Why To Join An Online Writing Sprint!

Do you enjoy writing as much as I do, but need a little writing motivation?

If so, I hear you.

I procrastinated with writing projects for about a year and then something happened. I joined a Facebook online writing sprint group and it seriously motivated me, and now I’m unstoppable!  I even started hosting my own Facebook Writers Sprinting Group.

I don’t know about you, but I find writing a way to de-stress and it’s therapeutic, as I mentioned in “11 things I learned about myself from Blogging“,

What’s a Writing Sprint?

A writing sprint is a focused block of writing time. Ideally you announce it to the world and invite others to join.

If you journal, or maybe write poetry, blog posts, books or even music, these groups are great motivation for doing just that.

If you need some extra motivation to put pen to paper, it’s a way to start. You can write from the comfort of your couch, a coffee shop or even on vacation.

In the Facebook online writing group that I host, I set up events, usually 60 – 90 minutes in duration, twice a week. Everyone participant checks in every half hour to report their word count. What’s cool about this, is that we are accountable to each other and less likely to abandon our own efforts, plus we are not in this alone!

Writers have the option of sharing or not sharing their current project with the group.

Are you a writer and have you participated in an online writing sprint? Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Calling All Writers: Why To Join An Online Writing Sprint!

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