Ever heard of a long-distance workout partner?

Ever heard of a long-distance workout partner?

Years ago, I lived in a beautiful and well decorated home in Agoura Hills, California. The owner, who also lived there, was looking to rent to one more roommate. After weeks of interviewing, my future BFF walked through the door. We knew from the moment we met her that SHE WAS THE ONE! I thought and still think to THIS DAY, that she is the nicest person I will ever know. We instantaneously became best buds.

She had recently gotten out of a relationship and I was in the process of getting out of mine. We started doing everything together.  We had a BLAST living in that house.

I’ve always been into health and fitness and was working for a large health club as a Controller/Administrator, a dream come true. I had a great office right next to the work out floor which was SO convenient. I was allowed to have a guest workout with me for free, ANYTIME! Of course, My roommate was my guest and we worked out ALL THE TIME.  Since I had the key to the club, we used to get up really early on weekend mornings and workout before the club opened.  I remember driving through a SEVERELY flooded street, one morning, just to work out.   We were determined!

Our BEAUTIFUL club had EVERYTHING including a huge weight room, large cardio room, aerobic room, dance studio, hair salon, restaurant, juice bar, massage area, and karate studio. It was FABULOUS!!

Because California was so hot, especially in summer, we used to walk 4 miles before work every morning at 6am and never missed a day. It was a blast! We also used to get up early and wash our cars in the driveway on weekends while cranking out Madonna songs in the garage. Oh, I miss those days.

About a year after moving into the house, we decided that we needed our own place to live, and moved to our own spacious apartment. We started clubbing EVERY weekend at TICKETS, a dance place in the Marriott which was a 20 minute drive from our place.  Tickets had a huge mirror and disco ball; we used to dance for hours. What a fun time we had!

Unfortunately, awhile after we moved in together, I went to visit an old neighborhood girlfriend, that had recently moved to Washington State. We ventured out one night and I met Mr. Right. Six weeks later, I moved to Washington, right into his house. During that time, she met the man of her dreams and ended up marrying him. I left Mr. Right who ended up being Mr. NO WAY, and now I’m married as well. We’ve both been hitched for several years.

We are still Besties and long distance workout buddies! Every time I visit California, at least twice a year, we get together. Even though we live in separate states, we email several times a week. I workout all the time, and she goes to her gym on a regular basis. We motivate each other by discussing our workouts and sharing recipes. Being fit and staying healthy is extremely important to both us, and that will never stop!

Do you have a workout partner or someone that motivates you? Please send comments and share with the rest of us!

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