Why Mindfulness Is Important!

Why Mindfulness Is Important!

Why Mindfulness Is Important!Recently we hosted a patio party and there were 22 of us on the patio and in the house. Lots of food and good times.

Something happened a couple days after the party that I could relate to.

Engagement Ring Lost!

My girlfriend, who attended the party with her hubby, called to tell me she had lost her Engagement RING. She thought maybe she left it in the bathroom at my house when she took her ring off to wash her hands. She was understandably in a panic! We can all relate, right?

Spent The Day Searching!

We spent the entire day searcing for the missing ring, at her house and mine. We kept emailing back and forth, no progress. I looked in the bathroom, under the sink, under the couch, outside in the backyard, the front yard. I was just as concerned as she was. I have dogs, but didn’t think they found it and ate it. Did you hear of the dog that coughed up a wedding ring after 6 years missing?

Found It!

At 8:30pm, I got an email saying that the RING WAS FOUND! Apparently, after she left our party, she went home and was transferring ice cream into a smaller container.

She had sticky hands, so she took her ring off to wash her hands and used a paper towel to dry her hands. She threw the paper towel away along with her ring! It was in the GARBAGE! It’s a good thing trash day wasn’t until the next day.

Be In The Moment!

It made me think, these types of things have happened to me. What’s helped a little in my case, was to learn mindfulness, see “Guided Meditation 5 Minutes A Day“,  and to “be in the moment”.

Easy To Get Sidetracked

Be aware of the things you are doing and pay attention to the task at hand! This is a lesson, I continue to learn every day. It’s so easy to get sidetracked, isn’t it?

Ring Lost In Laundry!

I once lost my wedding ring! I was in a complete panic and found it in the laundry!

Sunglasses Missing!

Another time I was at the mall, I misplaced my Oakley sunglasses, which my hubby found later.

Being Mindful Is Important Especially When Taking Meds!

Being mindful can really be helpful in situations where medication is needed! I’ve actually taken my nightly Magnesium supplement and forgot I took it. Can you imagine doing that with dangerous medications?

Whether it’s supplements or medications, we need to concentrate on what were doing or we could end up in a dangerous situation.

Do YOU practice mindfulness? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Why Mindfulness Is Important!

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