VariDesk Can Help With Sitting Disease!

Did you read my post “Why Prolonged Sitting Is Bad For Your Health“?

I mentioned sitting disease, which is what happens when we sit too long.

Sitting for long hours is BAD FOR OUR HEALTH!

I do a ton of blog posting which requires me to spend hours on the computer.

For a great solution, check out the video below.

According to sitting is the new smoking. An inactive lifestyle is shown to shorten your lifespan, cause hormonal changes, and increase inflammation. Sitting dormant for hours on end, combined with a lack of exercise has been proven to cause type-II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

This concerned me, and sometimes my legs get really tight when sitting too long. Although, I do get up about three times an hour. Sometimes they are still tight!

Back health and doing exercises for core strength, should be included in any health & fitness program. When we are not exercising, the Varidesk allows us to sit or stand and still be in an ergonomic position.

It’s very easy to control too!

This Varidesk single plus is awesome. Here’s where I got mine!

TOPIC: VariDesk Can Help With Sitting Disease!

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