Tips For Traveling With Your Dog!

Tips For Traveling With Your Dog!

We all LOVE to travel with our dogs. They go EVERYWHERE we go, ALMOST.

Over the years, through trial and error, we learned HOW to travel with our dogs and WHAT important items need to be packed before each journey.

We’ve compiled a helpful list of MUST HAVE travel items (see below) that might be useful to many of you.

  • A Leash
  • Blanket or Sheet for Bed
  • Dog Bed
  • Collapsible Travel Crate
  • Water Bottles
  • Plastic Containers
  • Dog Brush
  • Kongs
  • Treats
  • Stomach Friendly Food
  • Waste Bags

With the appropriate items packed, you and your dogs should enjoy a less STRESSFUL vacation! Click below to watch our “Travel Tips”.

Here are other helpful links for traveling with your pets:

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Also check out “How To Find Pet Friendly Hotels“. If you enjoy traveling with your pet, or if you would like to share some useful tips, please send ‘em over!

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