Best Way To Store Small Appliances!

Best Way to Store Small Appliances!

Because health and fitness are important, we frequently use our Vitamix to make Chia pudding and green drinks!

To maximize our efforts, we like to keep our kitchen as well as our pantry organized.

Clutter is a no-no, especially on the countertops. We store our Vitamix as well as other appliances inside the pantry.

For back protection and convenience, we store the Vitamix a little bit higher than waist level so it’s easy to remove from the shelf and also to put back onto the shelf. Check out the video below:

As you can see, core strength is important, especially when storing slightly heavy appliances which can be too high or too low! Stretching or bending the wrong way, can cause injuries!

Just remember, whenever you are picking up an item from the pantry or anywhere else, activate your core to protect your back.

I could not live without the Vitamix. It’s so easy to use and takes no time to make something delicious. Ordering from Amazon is so easy.

Where do YOU store your small appliances? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Best Way to Store Small Appliances!

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