How To Stay Healthy When Traveling!

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Do you plan your vacation based on eating?

Many people do and it’s this way of thinking that causes you to return from your vacation WANTING a brand new vacation because you feel bloated, depressed, angry, and tired and somehow discover that you’ve mysteriously gained anywhere from 3 to 10 pounds. Sound familiar? It’s back to square one and will take MONTHS to lose the weight you gained from just one vacation. What a nightmare!

Here’s a healthy suggestion for your next vacation!

Yes, eating while traveling can be tricky especially when you are trying to stay on a healthy diet. I mentioned in Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Even On Vacation that we usually bring our own healthy foods because it’s healthier and it costs less!

Maybe you can try something new! Don’t plan your next vacation based on how much unhealthy food you can consume. Plan to eat healthy and engage in other “non-eating” activities.

After a vacation, when you return to the “normal” routine, you should feel healthy, refreshed and energetic!

Occasionally, others find me quite annoying because I stick to my healthy guns and don’t jump on the “All you can eat BUFFET” band wagon AND I STILL HAVE A TREMENDOUS TIME!

On a typical day, I drink 64 – 96 oz of water. Water is MAGIC and drinking water is so important when you are traveling!

Here are more tips for staying healthy when traveling!

  • Exercise EVERY day. Bike ride, play tennis, or walk!! You may enjoy yourself and as a bonus, get healthy on vacation and burn calories at the same time!
  • Bring YOUR Equipment with you. I always carry resistance bands in my Suitcase. It’s so convenient and you can always sneak in a quick workout!
  • Assemble most of your meals ahead of time and make them portable. I always make sure to have oatmeal, chia pudding, and other healthy meals on hand every day.If I’m out for the day, my tasty treats travel with me in an ice chest. In hotels, I ALWAYS request a microwave and frig to transfer my tasty treats.
  • Be creative in Restaurants. I try to stay away from meals that contain unhealthy fat. If you can, find out what the menu is in advance. Be creative!
  • Eat BEFORE you go out. Sometimes I eat dinner beforehand so I’m not tempted. PLUS it’s less expensive.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. I usually order Pellegrino and it usually lasts for hours because it’s bubbly. If you have never tried NOT drinking, I HIGHLY recommend it. Your liver will thank you and NO HANGOVER.
  • Plan other activities. Go to a movie, visit a museum, take a site seeing tour, take a vacation cruise, visit a waterfall. You get the idea!

Like I always say “Keep Your Eye on the Prize”. THE PRIZE is feeling healthy, happy and energetic. NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy feels!

TOPIC: How To Stay Healthy When Traveling!

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