How To Organize A Sloppy Pantry!

Rows of Shelving in Pantry with Jam Jars

I hate to admit this, but while organizing the pantry and the refrigerator, I decided to take a closer look at food items that had been sitting around for a very long time!  Shockingly, half of the items had expired LONG AGO!!  I ended up tossing 6 bags of refrigerated food, pantry food, dog food and spices. Where did all this stuff come from and how did it accumulate in my kitchen?

Unfortunately our trash pickup service didn’t come until almost a week later, and our can was filled to the top and it was HEAVY!!  Glad it’s gone now!

This eye opening experience taught me a lot and my pantry is extremely organized. I’ve come a long way since my post “Best Way To Store Small Appliances”.

Here’s a plan of action I came up with for you to organize YOUR sloppy pantry (and Frig)!

  • Toss expired food.
  • Toss expired spices.
  • If you have food in bags that are airtight, transfer them into an air tight bin.
  • If you do not have air tight bins and can afford it, purchase stackable airtight bins and turntables for better organization.
  • Once you open and empty plastic bags into containers, cut off the label and store in the container so you know what it is.
  • When placing canned goods or spices on turntables, labels should face forward.
  • If you don’t use certain spices that much, buy in small quantities and use them up before the expiration date, which you can write on top of the lid.
  • When hosting a potluck gathering, make sure guests take their food home so it’s not wasted.
  • If you have appliances that you only use once in a while, put them into a cabinet or a drawer instead of the pantry.

There’s nothing better than a clean and organized pantry!

Have you tossed old spices and food and organized YOUR pantry? Please leave a comment!

Here’s where I purchased some of my storage bins and turntables:

TOPIC: How To Organize A Sloppy Pantry!

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