Best Way To Celebrate: Skip The Cake!

Best Way To Celebrate: Skip The Cake!

Many of us like to celebrate our birthdays going out for a meal and visiting friends.

I celebrated with friends days for an “early” birthday at Cactus in Kirkland.

One of the big ways my husband and I like to celebrate our “actual” birthday is NOT by eating a huge meal topped off with a big piece of birthday cake. WE do something better!

No Guilt Involved!

It’s got nothing to do with feeling guilty if we splurge, no guilt is involved. We just want to be FULL of ENERGY ON our birthdays and even AFTERWARDS!

Treat Yourself To Health!

People always say “TREAT YOURSELF”! We do treat ourselves…to “HEALTH”!! To me, treating ourselves to living a long healthy life, full of energy, tastes WAY better than a chocolate cake!

Celebrate With Exercise!

We all know what fat and sugar and lack of exercise can do to our bodies! So why not celebrate WITH exercise and a HEALTHY Meal? A Gift to our bodies on a very special day!

Sounds crazy huh? Not to us!

Why Not Exercise?

We figure if we are still capable of exercising, we SHOULD…especially on our birthdays! What sounds more youthful, then having a good, healthy workout on our birthday?

You can watch my short birthday video below!

Don’t get us wrong, even though exercise and healthy eating is the birthday goal, we still love to be with family and friends in a fun setting!

In “How To Make Friends And Increase Longevity” it mentioned the importance of connections and loving connections are one of the best birthday gifts ever, right?

How do YOU usually celebrate YOUR birthday? Leave a comment!

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