Soft Tissue Issues? Try A Rolling Pin!

How To Use A Rolling Pin For Leg Pain!

Do you bake? If you do, you probably have a rolling pin sitting in your drawer somewhere. I don’t bake, but somehow I own a rolling pin! Hmmm…

I don’t use mine for cooking, check out how I use MY rolling pin!

When I started exercises (many years ago) I never learned how important flexibility was, and never incorporated it into my health and fitness routine. I just concentrated on weights and cardio. My bad…

In trying to take care of my back health, I discovered that I had IT band issues, with pains in my legs, and tightness, and tension in my soft tissue.

In physical therapy, I learned how to perform foam roller exercises on the floor, of which I do three different kinds. If you didn’t know, the foam roller is used to release tension in the soft tissue.

If you’ve ever tried using a foam roller, you know how awkward they can be. One of the exercises was causing back pain so I discontinued that one!

Then, I came up with a solution. What if I used a rolling pin on the sides of my legs instead of getting down on the floor with the foam roller. Voila! What an easy solution. Really, its’ easy and it helping quite a bit.

I am a LITTLE nervous about when guests come over. If they happen to go into my workout room, they will see workout equipment, weights, bands, a foam roller and a rolling pin. Actually this would make a lovely conversation piece, don’t you think?

To see a foam roller similar to mine, check out the link below!

TOPIC: Soft Tissue Issues? Try A Rolling Pin!

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