Benefits of Drinking Water On Road Trips!

Benefits of Drinking Water On Road Trips!

Do YOU like to take long car rides? If so, how often do you stop?

Do you move around a lot or just sit there for hours on end?

In a recent post, “Why Prolonged Sitting is Bad for Your Health”  I mentioned how drinking water all day can help your back.

Well, I realized, that this also applies to long car rides. Check out the short video below of me, my Starbucks Coffee, and a big bottle of Aquafina water!

It’s well known that sitting for hours on end can cause blood clots and back issues.  As I mentioned in the video, if you drink water and stop every hour, it make take a while longer to get to your final destination, but when you get there, you will feel great!!

Do YOU sit hours on end? Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Benefits of Drinking Water On Road Trips!

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