Is Carrying A Heavy Purse Bad For You?

Is Carrying A Heavy Purse Bad For You?

Hey you with the large purse? Yes, I’m talking to you…and about that purse…what’s going on with that purse anyway? Is it a purse or a bowling bag? Oh wait, it seems to be heavier than a bowling bag.

Carrying A Heavy Purse Is Bad For You!

I actually have been guilty of carrying a heavy purse in the past, but discovered that’s it’s very bad for your back and neck and shoulders!

Carrying a bag has a huge impact on posture and movement,’ says Bupa physiotherapist Russell Stocker. ‘Though you might not notice it, your body dramatically adapts and compensates. This was even more pronounced when wearing high heels.” 

Some Even Carry A Heavy Wallet IN THE Purse!

Some people’s purses are heavy because they cannot leave home without their water bottles, make up bags, sunglasses, food, and receipts! They also top it off with a heavy wallet!

Personally, I carry a very light weight purse. See the video below!

The goal was to get a Purse just big enough to fit my iPad mini comfortably, yet still be small and lightweight! TaDa! I found my latest purse on sale at Charming Charlies in Redmond, WA!

Emptying Your Purse Nightly Is A Good Habit!

If you’ve seen my blog posts, you know that many are all about the back. I have a habit of emptying my purse every night when I get home too! Do you empty your purse contents at night?

A Lot Less Neck Pain!

Since I started carrying a smaller purse, I’ve noticed a lot less neck and shoulder pain!

You know, a smaller purse, means less clutter not only in your purse, but in your head.

Here are my typical contents:

  • Allergy Meds
  • Keys
  • iPod Touch
  • Cellphone
  • iPad Mini
  • Reading glasses
  • Lipstick
  • Stylus

If I carry food, I use an REI small cooler, see “Anti Inflammatory Foods Even On Vacation“.

What’s in your purse? Please leave a comment.

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