California Dreaming, Plug Your Nose!

California Dreaming, Plug Your Nose!

In September 2013, we had the greatest vacation ever in California in which I was reunited with my friend Theresa after 30 years of separation, more on that later.

She and her hubby Mark, drove from Oklahoma and my husband Mark and I, drove from Washington State and all met at the Marriott in Westlake Village, where we (Mark and I) attended a wedding.

Let the M&M Bromance Begin!

After just minutes of reuniting, it was like old silly times and our husbands (Mark and Mark or M&M) became fast friends.

We Had Something In Common!

In previous months leading up to the trip, many hours were spent talking and laughing on the phone. It was even better spending time with them in person. I found out that we shared a common issue, SENSITIVE NOSES. I shared about mine in a previous post, “Is An Over Sensitive Smell, Helpful or Annoying“.

First question, why is it that (in my experience) most hotels smell musty or like chemicals? In questioning hotels before, I discovered that It’s usually from Carpet Fresh or Fabreze, ICK! One tip, call the hotel in advance and ask them not to use any scented products prior to your arrival.

Nothing Worse Than Smelly Soap!

On the way to meeting M and T, we stopped in Carmel for the night. At the hotel in Carmel, the soap that they provided smelled like a bottle of perfume. It was HORRIBLE. Luckily it was just for one night, so the smell eventually went away.

Before departing, I knew we had a wedding to attend the next day, so I put on my non scented Impress nails. These nails look gorgeous like acrylics, and have no smelly nail polish scent.

in 2012 when we went to Carmel, we purchased Carmel jackets. Because of the new Jacket smell, I was unable to wear it until this recent trip. At least it looked new!

The Other Room Smelled Like Paint!

When we were in Pismo, we had a room with a broken air conditioner. The hotel offered an alternate room, but it smelled like paint. No thank you!

In the last place we all stayed together, the sheets smelling like heavy BLEACH, and the air smelled like rotten eggs due to being close to a refinery. It was a beautiful (and huge) house though, and we had a blast especially in the media room.

Couple’s Massage Anyone?

One day we opted for a couples massages (one couple at a time) and luckily because of our advance requests, the room was scent free and so were the lotions. What a pleasant and relaxing experience that was. Can I get one of these EVERY day?

In spite of the occasional smells, the trip itself was relaxing and one of the best vacations of our lives. We’re hoping to meet up with our friends next year for another memorable vacation.

Are YOU sensitive to smells? How do YOU prep for going on vacation? Leave a comment!

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  1. Just saw this..cute glad we found each other..or to say you found me first after my attempts to find you failed..we need to share on Ellen!

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