Perimenopause: Could Unhealthy Lifestyle Make It Worse?

Perimenopause: Could Unhealthy Lifestyle Make It Worse?

How can I say this as gently and compassionately as possible? Do YOU believe that hormones are controlling your life? Sometimes we blame those darn hormones for EVERYTHING, when hormones may not be the only thing having a negative effect on your mood and well being.

It’s Not JUST Your Hormones!

Let me ask you a question! How’s your diet? Are you still consuming refined sugar, drinking alcohol, and eating junk foods? Are you exercising 4 or 5 times a week? Are your allergies under control? Are you living amongst clutter? It’s really NOT JUST hormones that control your moods and emotions, it’s a combination of all these things.

Chocolate Cake Benefits Only Last A Few Minutes!

Many peri-menopausal women complain about hormones acting up and I can relate…believe me! Some of you believe that having a drink or eating a huge piece of chocolate cake will make you feel better. Well…It probably does, for a FEW minutes at best.

I Keep The Window Open All Winter!

I exercise daily and eat an extremely healthy diet 24/7, but sometimes even I even get strange aches and pains in places I never had them before. I also get anxious sometimes and feel stressed once in a while. I’m also “hot” at times. I live in Washington where it snows. I keep the window open all winter and the ceiling fan on all night. My poor, tolerant hubby. Once in a while the hormones can zap my energy, but that’s rare.

It Could Be Worse!

Even though I have symptoms, I feel IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE! I mean, WHAT WOULD I FEEL LIKE if I was overweight, didn’t exercise, eat nutritious foods or take supplements? What if my house was a mess? What if I didn’t allergy proof my home and what if I wasn’t organized? What kind of shape would I be in then? Probably NOT SO GOOD!

It’s Hard To Even Take The Smallest Step!

I can’t imagine what I would feel like if I didn’t live a healthy lifestyle. I’m thinking my life would be a disaster and I might feel overwhelmed. Do you sometimes feel that making any kind of a positive change in your life would be too overwhelming? Or maybe you feel like if you just avoid everything, the pain and frustration would just go away on it’s own? It’s so frustrating to look at the big picture and to just think “forget it, I can’t do it”. I think we ALL feel like that sometimes and it’s hard to take the smallest first step.

Make Small, Simple Changes!

You know, even though we battle with our hormones and feel we are on a high wire trying to balance, there IS a way to start feeling better by making small, simple changes. You DON’T have to make them ALL IN ONE DAY! Start slowly and you may notice a positive change!

In “What Is Wellness”  I mentioned a few benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s taken ME many many years of figuring out what does and doesn’t work. I’m not perfect, but what seems to work for ME is:

What doesn’t work is:

Feel Fantastic Every Day!

If you struggle to manage your household or if it’s a struggle to even get up in the morning, you may want to think about implementing little changes to improve the way you feel. I’m certainly not perfect, but I do think I might feel better than most who are experiencing “the change”. My wish is for YOU to feel fantastic every single day!

I want you to ask yourself these questions (be honest)!

  1. Are you eating healthy, nutritious, unprocessed foods?
  2. Do you eat and reward yourself with sugar products?
  3. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
  4. Were you slightly overweight before peri-menopause or did this just happen suddenly?
  5. Do you do a little exercise daily?
  6. Is your house a mess?

Please leave a comment and tell me about what little things YOU might want to implement to make yourself feel GREAT! I’d love to hear about it!

TOPIC: Perimenopause: Could Unhealthy Lifestyle Make It Worse?

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