Perfect Protein Salad On The Road!

Eating while traveling is fun, isn’t it? It’s even better when you can stay on a healthy diet. Check out this video:

Eat It Right Out Of The Container!

PCC is a local health food store that has food to go and a little cafe. I ordered the vegan “Perfect Protein Salad” and it was delicious, filling and easy to eat right of of the container.

Easy To Bring In The Car!

This salad tastes so good, I could eat it everyday! It’s an easy salad to bring along in the car or to your hotel room.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Snack!

There’s nothing worse on road trips then not being prepared! Haven’t we all done that? We are so excited to get to the destination we forget to bring a snack!

Shop At A Nearby Health Food Store!

If you don’t feel like assembling snacks, you can get a perfect protein salad, or something similar from your nearest health food store.

All you have to do is bring a little cooler, run inside and grab your healthy, on the road, snack.

I’m all about eating healthy while traveling, check out “Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Even On Vacation!”  for more ideas for those long car trips!

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TOPIC: Perfect Protein Salad On The Road!

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