How To Organize Your Life At Night!

How To Organize Your Life At Night!

Do YOU have a full time job?

What’s your morning routine like?

I bet you’re wondering why I’m asking, right?

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

Upon wakening, you scramble to take a shower, do your hair and/or makeup, make breakfast, assemble lunch for you and your family, while attempting to find your laptop, keys, and purse. Sound familiar?

Why Organize At Night?

The reason I’m asking is because I discovered that I actually had a better work day if I organized the next day’s items (laptop, clothes, food and keys) right before bed. It’s amazing how much this helps. Many folks, like you, have a frustrating scenario similar to what I mentioned above.

It was a HUGE time-saver and saved a ton of time each morning. I replaced much of my “old” morning routine with a better “night-time” routine.

Organize At Night And Simplify Your Life!

You are probably asking, what if I don’t have time at night to get everything ready? Well at first, you might be struggling to take 10 minutes to create this new habit. Once you find the time to implement your new routine, you will get more sleep, have increased energy, and you may just simplify your life.

Organize At Night And Save Time In The Morning!

Basically all I had to do in the morning was shower, style my hair, put on make-up, grab my water, lunch, keys, laptop and leave.

Here’s a great tip!!  I use to sip water on my drive to work. After arriving and sitting at my desk,  I ate breakfast. If I was hungry while driving, I ate a banana.

Organizing nightly helps, especially because something unexpected may pop up in the morning. Planning most everything in advance, you might actually gain a few spare precious moments.

So, why not drive to work, relax, enjoy the scenery instead of being stressed out! You’ll have more energy to ease into and enjoy your day.

For more ways to organize, check out “9 Ways to Organize Your Time“!

How do you organize your day? Leave a comment below!

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