Happy National Napping Day!

Happy National Napping Day!

Did you know that March 14th was National Napping Day? Did you miss it?

My hubby loves to sleep! Ever since I met him he’s had this thing about sleeping.

Sometimes he’ll take a nap at 7pm and then get up and go to bed at 10pm. Ummm, if I had to take a nap before I went to bed, I think I would just stay IN BED!

Napping should only last, at the most, 25 minutes.

My hubby can sleep anywhere. I’ve seen him sleep on many floors and all different kinds of beds. It’s great that he has a strong back!

I think he can even sleep standing. He can even drink coffee right before he goes to bed. Is that insane or what?

Many people have insomnia and have trouble sleeping every single night. If YOU are having trouble getting sleep, perhaps you need a Sleep Whisperer.

Maybe you are considered a short sleeper who doesn’t require much sleep to be healthy.

We all know that it’s important to get a good night’s sleep every night, it’s healthy. Sleeping is especially important if you are sick and it’s the only time that white blood cells can be created.

Well, hopefully you were able to celebrate Nap Day and you got some rest!

Do you like to take naps? Please leave a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Happy National Napping Day!

  1. Casey Kings says:

    My involuntary and unwanted naps are when I fall asleep watching the tube during the day. This never used to happen and I’m afraid it’s another sign of aging.

  2. susan white says:

    Naps are a good way to relax your brain and renew your energy. Most people don’t get enough sleep!

    1. Theresa Stewart says:

      My Mark lives close to work so as he is healing he takes a 10 minute nap at lunch every day almost and then eats a healthy salad or wrap and nutri-bullet I make and then back to work till 4 ish.

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