Mindless Eating, Are YOU guilty of this?

Mindless Eating, Are YOU guilty of this?

Check out this video on mindless eating and see if it sounds like something YOU do.

Mindless Snacking, Too Much Of a Good Thing?

Yes, part of a healthy diet includes snacking. I know I can sit and eat a whole bag of nuts or sweet potato chips. Yes, there are healthy snacks, check out the health benefits of nuts. Sometimes though, too much of a GOOD thing is NOT a good thing…

Relaxing By Mindless Snacking?

Like many of you, sometimes I like to just sit and veg in front of the TV. Bad News! Sitting in front of the TV is a TRIGGER for me! I’ve worked hard all day long, don’t I deserve to just relax once in a while? Well, yes relaxing is a good thing, unless it involves relaxing AND Mindless Eating!

Mindless Snacking Calories Can Really Add Up!

Mindless Snacking Is DANGEROUS! Even though I’m eating healthy things like nuts, the calories can REALLY add up. It’s easy to put on the pounds doing this. However if you are looking for a way to GAIN weight, this might be a good way to go.

When Do YOU Participate In Mindless Eating?

After work and working out, it’s easy to grab a snack and sit in front of the TV. Again, this is when you can find yourself vulnerable to mindless snacking. When mindless snacking hits, it’s best to  find something else to do like exercise or maybe some video editing. It’s tough, to get away from the TV and the snacks, but it’s tougher to take off the extra pounds you’ve gained by RELAXING…

There are other things you could be doing such as:

  • Learning new Software
  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Walking the Dog
  • Making Your Meals For The Week Laundry
  • Online Scrap-booking
  • Talking on the Phone

Maybe when we watch TV, we should develop the habit to either eat raw veggies or nothing at all.  Just a thought!

When I feel like mindless snacking, I usually find something else to do that’s productive. Have you ever tried resistance bands? I take these wherever I go, check ’em out here:

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4 thoughts on “Mindless Eating, Are YOU guilty of this?

  1. Casey Kings says:

    My mindless is eating late at night, when I’m reading. Have to have something in my mouth (or so I’m convinced) or I can’t turn the page.

    1. Hi Casey. So, you eat while reading, instead of just sitting in front of the TV! What’s your favorite mindless snack? Thanks for the comment! Kim

  2. Teresa Tremble says:

    Oh my goodness, this is me to a tee! If I come home after work and relax on the sofa for even 5 minutes, I’ll sit there, watch tv and munch away all evening. So, immediately after arriving home I go right upstairs, get changed in to my workout clothes and hit the treadmill. It’s hard but once I’m in the routine it makes me have the willpower not to do any mindless eating.

    1. Hi Teresa and thank you so much for the comment! I know how that could be, so you are right, it’s better to set up a routine like the treadmill right when you get home. When I worked at my office, I used to do the same thing. I did a full workout before anything else. Good for you and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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