Making The Bed Creates A Sense Of Accomplishment!

I mentioned in “Is Your Old Bed Hurting Your Back” that we purchased one of those adjustable beds and our backs thank us every day!!

Speaking of beds, what’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed? The first thing I do is “make the bed”. This is one of the many healthy living habits & routines I practice throughout the day!

One Less Thing To Worry About!

Later in the day, when there’s a lot going on, it’s just one thing less to worry about!

When I pop out of bed in the morning, my husband has already left for work.

The reason the bed gets made so quickly is not just because it makes the bedroom look uncluttered, it’s because it gives a sense of accomplishment!

A recent survey revealed that people reported sleeping longer hours and felt better about going to bed when their bed was made, sheets were fresh, and the bedroom was comfortable.

So, if you don’t make your bed first thing in the morning, try it and let me know if it makes a difference in YOUR day too!

TOPIC: Making The Bed Creates A Sense Of Accomplishment!



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