How To Survive A Kitchen Remodel Without Starving!

How To Survive A Kitchen Remodel Without Starving!

What an experience it was to get our kitchen remodeled. Can you imagine being without a kitchen for a month?

Because we are pretty healthy eaters and have our eating routines, we had to somehow be able to eat healthy while camping upstairs.

I think traveling to California twice a year and staying in various hotels, prepared us for this experience.

In the office we have a refrigerator and microwave. For our little camping experience we added the downstairs toaster, toaster oven and a portable burner with a glass pot to make hot water. We also bought a case of bottled water.

Assemble In Advance and Freeze!

I cooked a couple weeks worth of healthy meals for Mark and stored in baggies in the freezer. In “How To Stay Healthy While Traveling” I mentioned that we had to assemble oatmeal packets in advance, which is exactly what I did to get ready to be without a kitchen. To see how I did this, watch the video below!

We also had to do some hand washing of dishes in the master bath and served our dogs meals in paper bowls, and make green drinks and chia pudding in the office.

Have you ever camped out in your own house? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: How To Survive A Kitchen Remodel Without Starving!

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