Relief For Itchy Eyes!

Relief For Itchy Eyes!

Pollen season is here and time for the red eyes to come out! As I mentioned in a previous post, “Do You Suffer From Allergies” I suffer from allergies, especially itchy eyes and it sucks. In Snoqualmie, it can get pretty windy, so I feel the allergies coming on.

Stop The Itching!

My allergist introduced me to some eye drops a couple of years ago called “Naphcon-A” which I purchased from the drug store, but you can also order it online. I think products like Visine, just get the red out, but these drops get the red out AND stop the itching!

Will I Make Them Worse?

At first, I was a little alarmed because it burned when I put the drops in my eyes. I thought, OMG am I going to make them worse?

It turns out, that they worked like a charm. Check out the video below!

It Cleared Up My Nose Too!

Also, for some reason if I have a runny nose as well, it clears up my nose as well.

Yes, the drops still burn sometimes when going in, but within 5 minutes, my eyes stop itching! Who wants to walk around with bloodshot eyes? Before buying, you may want to consult with your doctor!

5 Allergy Secrets!

There are many many more ways to control allergies, and you can check out 5 allergy secrets here!

Do YOU suffer from Itchy Eyes? What did you find that helps? Please leave a comment!

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