Increase Longevity BEFORE Retirement!

Did you know that when Life Expectancy was calculated long ago, you were only supposed to live until you retired. These days, people are living much longer AFTER retirement. This is one great reason to start taking charge of your OWN health by exercising, eating healthy and nutritious foods, and developing a healthy wellness plan, so you can ENJOY YOUR LONG RETIREMENT.

One Thing At A Time!

How do you do that? Don’t look at the BIG picture. Start out slowly with ONE THING AT A TIME and start NOW! Here are a few ideas:

  • If you drink soda, you can cut down from 4 cans a day to 3, until you can cut it out completely.
  • Implement drinking water, if you don’t do that now. Just drink a glass a day, and increase consumption gradually.
  • Start walking 10 minutes a day and eventually work your way up to 30 minutes per day.
  • Do some weight bearing exercises. Start out with 2 pound dumbbells and work your way up to a heavier weight.
  • Slowly start cutting the fat and sugar out of your diet, instead of eating a piece of chocolate cake you can have a great piece of fruit. Make a really pretty nutritious, healthy, main course salad with a healthy salad dressing a couple times a week.
  • If you are in debt, find a way to slowly pay off your credit card bills. Start a savings and put a little bit in each week.
  • If you drink alcohol, start by drinking a little less until you can avoid it completely.

One Little Tiny Goal Per Week!

My point is, you have to start somewhere right? Choose one little tiny goal the first week, and add something else the next week. Do this for a year, track your progress, and you may find out that you have 52 new healthy habits. Wouldn’t that be cool? The key is to START SLOWLY! Nothing is worse than being overwhelmed. We have ENOUGH stress in our lives already. Right?

Take Care Of Your Body NOW!

To live beyond retirement, you don’t want to be sickly do you? NO! You want to enjoy your life with your friends and family and even more you want your quality of life to be excellent, RIGHT? I don’t know how to stress this enough, take care of your body now! Actually, if you don’t want to take it from me, check out this INSPIRING video by 93 year old Charles Eugster.

Charles mentioned that obesity has doubled since 1980. Pretty scary if you ask me. 92.2% of people over the age of 65 have chronic diseases and 40% over 60 take 5 or more meds per day. He also mentioned that inactivity is a MAJOR CAUSE OF DEATH.

Start Now By Getting Active!

Basically, you can rebuild your body at any age and the sooner the better. If you’ve already made it to retirement age, congratulations! If you haven’t concentrated on building a healthy lifestyle of wellness, start NOW by “getting active”.

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What’s YOUR Biggest Frustration?

I’d like to know, what’s YOUR biggest frustration? What stops YOU from making the healthy changes you need to make in order to feel FABULOUS on a daily basis? Please let me know.

TOPIC: Increase Longevity BEFORE Retirement!

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