Why The Car You Drive May Be Hurting Your back!

One thing I discovered many years ago was that driving a small car was causing back issues! Even though I got in the car correctly, my back still had issues. I bought my first SUV in 2001 and have never regretted it.

As I mentioned in “Why a Double Oven Could Help Your Back“, we back proofed our home, which helped, but we also needed to take care of our backs when we LEFT home.

I realize that due to limited tastes and budgets, we all don’t drive SUVs. If you DO drive a smaller car, make sure you get into the car correctly.

You must keep your back in mind, and protect it! Be very careful and make sure you learn the proper way to get into a car, no matter what you drive. Sit down in the car first and then put your legs in. Watch this!


What kind of car do YOU drive and does it HELP your back? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Why The Car You Drive May Be Hurting Your back!

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