Higher Toilets Are Not Just For Seniors!

In “At Last, Relief From Pain” I mentioned how my PT helped me heal from a back, hip and groin injury. Along with doing core exercises, we’ve also back-proofed our house and it’s made quite a difference.

I have a personal question for you! Have you ever suffered from Sciatica and dreaded each time you had to “GO” because it just HURT too much to sit down?

You let out a scream or maybe you are just screaming inside! It’s horrible and sometimes even unbearable!

Trust me, I can relate and it sucks…big time!

Here’s a solution for you…Higher Toilets. Check out the video below:

Having higher toilets means you don’t have to squat down so low when it’s “time to go”. This also contributes to less back pain.

One tip I learned a while back is that when you go to a restaurant restroom, the handicapped stall has a higher toilet! I checked it out, and most of the time it’s true! Knowing that really helped when I suffered from severe back pain!

Do you have standard or higher toilets? Please leave a comment!


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