How to Eat Healthy On Vacation!

How to Stay Plant Based On Vacation

If you read my post “Tools For a Healthy Lifestyle Even On Vacation”  you know that there are ways to stay healthy, even on vacation.

Being vegetarian actually super easy for me when I’m at home and YES, I get enough protein and YES I’m full, healthy and have lots of energy.

It Takes Careful Planning!

Sometimes it’s a tad challenging on vacation, but with careful planning, it was almost a breeze! Before I left home, (we drove to California) I made up oatmeal packets containing oatmeal, almonds, raisins, and cinnamon in a baggie. All I had to do was find a bowl or cup and add hot water daily, easy enough.

The cooler was filled with cut veggies, hummus, nuts, bananas, almond butter and hummus.

Look Online Before You Travel!

Knowing in advance that I would want to eat healthy, I checked out different restaurants online before we left. The restaurant I was most impressed with was The Natural Cafe. We went twice to the Westlake Village location and once to the Newbury Park location. I found a salad I liked and had them replace the cheese with sunflower seeds. I actually had it all 3 times and each time was fantastic.  Below is a video of how I planned and ordered from a “LOCAL” restaurant.

Best Salad Ever!

While in Carmel, on the 17 Mile drive, we went to a restaurant called Sticks a cute little Sports Bar. This place gets the award for having the best Salad I’ve ever eaten!

I remember ordering a green salad at the Madonna Inn and had them add nuts, olives and avocado. They accommodated me and it was yummy. Not many places offer quinoa or I’d add that as well.

During traveling days or nights that we didn’t feel like going anywhere, I had the Super Salad from Trader Joes, which is always tasty.

Carry Snacks In The Car!

Basically, if you plan your trip ahead of time by bringing snacks in the car, and review menus beforehand, it’s easy to eat right EVEN ON VACATION!

Have you ever planned healthy meals for YOUR entire vacation? How did that go? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: How To Eat Healthy on Vacation!

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