Health Benefits Of Nuts!

Are you nuts about nuts like I am? Nuts are so tasty and nutritious, it’s hard to put them down.

Check out the video below!

Nuts Can Lower Bad Cholesterol!

Eating nuts have many benefits because they are full of fiber, lowers bad cholesterol, reduced the risk of blood clots, and may reduce heart disease! Unless you are allergic, nuts should be included as part of your healthy diet.

Carry Nuts In Your Car!

Nuts are good as an addition to salads, or added to morning oatmeal. Pistachios and almonds are healthy snacks that I like to carry in the car just in case I get hungry.

Cashew Butter Is Delicious!

Nut Butters are wonderful as well. Have you tried almond butter or cashew butter? They are delicious! Just give me a spoon!! LOL  Check out “Got Insomnia? Eat Nuts!

My favorite nut butter is cashew butter. I actually eat a spoonful before I go to bed. It’s so tasty, I could probably eat the entire jar in one sitting. Here’s the kind that I get:

TOPIC: Health Benefits Of Nuts!

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