Eating The Right Foods Can Help The Grieving Process!

As I mentioned in “What You Eat Affects Your Brain” we attended Dr. Amen’s AMAZING brain seminar. Dr. Amen graciously introduced himself to each one of us, and even shook of our hands.

We had read his book “Change your Brain, Change Your Life” months before the seminar and loved it! The seminar was so inspiring that afterwards, we read “Use your Brain to Change Your Age” and again loved it!

SPECT Scan For Your Healthy Brain

The Amen clinics perform what are called “SPECT” scans. SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) scans looks at blood flow and activity patterns and are different than CAT scans and MRIs. They look at how the brain functions.

A SPECT scan is a type of nuclear imaging test, which means it uses a radioactive substance and a special camera to create 3-D pictures.

In Dr. Amen’s presentation, he displayed many before and after scans and how these scans have helped many people!

Not all can afford a SPECT Scan, so there are ways to help your brain and overall health by adopting healthy lifestyle principles.

If you visit the Amen Clinics, they have downloadable questionnaires. To find out more about SPECT brain Scans, watch the short video below.

Use Your Brain To Change Your Age Is An Easy Read

Use Your Brain to Change Your Age” is not written using hard to understand “medical” jargon. It’s the opposite and a very easy read! The book explains the importance of healthy eating, exercise, skin care, vitamins, blood tests, and healthy Vitamin D levels.

All of these combined factors can contribute to not only achieving a healthy brain, but living a healthy LONG life. In my opinion, Use Your Brain To Change Your Age is a “One Stop Shopping” guide to longevity.

Ever Heard Of Healthy Grieving?

This book explains how to grieve in a healthy way.  When my Dad was unexpectedly taken from us, I had concentration issues, which is expected when grieving. Dr. Amen says that eating proper food to nourish your body is critical during times of stress.

Fruits and veggies reduce inflammation that leads to more pain and illness. After reading that, it reaffirmed that we went in the right direction during our grief period.

We had to force ourselves to stay hydrated and well nourished. It was difficult, but we managed to do JUST that and to our surprise, stayed well. It kept us strong. Dr. Amen was right.

Physical Exercise Is Important Too!

Dr. Amen says that getting physical exercise while grieving is important, as it helps withstand and heal emotional pain.

It’s also important “FOR SURE” to have a good cleansing cry whenever you need one. I used to exercise and cry at the same time!

He suggested finding a new hobby or learning something new. After a few months, I sat down and wrote a 19 page story about “Life Lessons I Learned From My Father”.

It took everything I had in me to write that piece, but in doing that process, it gave me the needed strength to start writing in my blog again.

Dr. Amen says to honor the memory of your loved one by taking care of your health and living a full, rich life of benevolence and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

Between the seminar and the books, I’ve learned so much from Dr. Amen!

TOPIC: Eating The Right Foods Can Help The Grieving Process!

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